Building pragmatic user personas with Annika Dunaway


Thursday, June 27, 2024


09:00 AM America/New York

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Let's be real: Most user personas aren't actually that useful.

Sure, they might drive one or two high-level positioning decisions, but it’s hard to use these personas on a daily basis and even harder to connect effective persona building and profits.

In our upcoming webinar, Annika Dunaway will demonstrate the most effective method for building pragmatic personas she’s honed in her 10+ years working with AI and leading CRM in various industries.

This webinar will teach you how to:

  • Identify what you really offer your users.

  • Understand how users think about each of your offerings.

  • Learn how to weave together messages that capture each of your offerings in a way each user values. 

  • Use messaging to build segments instead of the other way around.

By the end of the presentation, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on building user personas, understand how these personas can be practically applied across your product and messaging experiences, and learn how to use these personas to drive segmentation efforts and demonstrate real value to your business — all with examples and demonstrations.


  • Where most persona-building efforts go wrong

  • How to build pragmatic user personas — Start with your users’ “why”

  • How to practically apply these personas to your product and messaging

  • How companies are tying these personas back to actual business value in unique ways

Annika Dunaway, CRM & Product

For the past decade, Annika has worked in CRM and as a Senior Growth Consultant across various industries. During her time in CRM, she dedicated most of her time to campaign experimentation and optimization, understanding user journeys on the product, and discovering what ultimately led users to conversion.

At Aampe, Annika is focused on productizing and scaling her findings to enable CRM, Growth, and Product teams to be more effective and efficient in engaging their customers and showing their value to their businesses.

Aampe is used by apps in every major industry, from eCommerce and food delivery to travel and subscription.

Jim Laurain, Head of Growth

Jim Laurain is a growth leader and marketing strategist for mobile apps. Currently leading growth at Aampe, an Agentic CDP that allows apps of any size to use a multi-agent infrastructure to increase user retention, engagement, and conversions.

Prior to Aampe, Jim founded a copywriting consulting business that served dozens of major B2B brands across the globe and generated 6 figures in annual revenue entirely from organic inbound.